What Are the Best Ophthalmology Clinics in London, UK?

17.06.2022 ∙ Roman Danaev ∙ 10 min read

Ophthalmologists carry great responsibility. So, it’s always worth taking the time to find a clinic with qualified and caring clinicians with whom you feel safe, secure, and completely confident.

This article aims to help you find the right clinic by narrowing down your options to the 15 best ophthalmology clinics in London.

List of 15 Best Eye Clinics in London, UK

For each clinic below, we’ve provided a short description, as well as its address, contact details, website, and rating.

1. Focus Clinics Laser Eye Surgery London

Address: 22a Wimpole St, London W1G 8GQ

Phone: +44 20 7307 8250

Website: focusclinics.com

Email for contact: info@focusclinics.com

GMB: 5.0/5.0 (based on 411 reviews)

Trustpilot: 5.0/5.0 (based on 2359 reviews)

Established: 2002

Focus is led by Dr. David Allamby, who is famous for performing the highest number of Conductive Keratoplasty (CK) procedures out of all surgeons worldwide. Also, he was the first to perform a Z-Lasik Blended Vision procedure in the UK. In addition to treating patients, Dr. Allamby trains other eye surgeons.

The most-performed procedures are Z-LASIK, LASEK and PRK. Other popular categories of treatments performed here are lens replacement surgeries, such as refractive lens exchanges, implantable Collamer lens surgery, and cataract surgery.

The clinic claims to have a 99.7% success rate, although this doesn’t include strong prescription vision problems. And Focus’ spa-like treatment rooms are a go-to place for celebrities, local or international.

2. The Harley Street Eye Clinic

Address: 86 Harley St, London W1G 7HP

Phone: +44 20 7060 0086

Website: harleystreeteye.com

Email for contact: info@harleystreeteye.com

GMB: 4.9/5.0 (based on 58 reviews)

Established: 2017

Ahmed El-Amir, a senior consultant ophthalmic surgeon and director at Harley Street, was the first in Europe to implant a miniature telescope under the CentraSight Programme. It’s also worth mentioning that he is still the only surgeon who uses this treatment for patients who have previously had eye surgery.

Although the clinic has a reputation for treating eye conditions through traditional methods, Harley Street’s expertise is in pioneering procedures and innovative treatments. The clinic is part of the CS Programme, which now focuses on treating advanced macular degeneration (not available through the NHS).

Patients can also have the new laser-guided femtosecond surgery, microsurgery cataract extraction, lens implants (Toric lenses, combined Toric-Multifocal Lenses), and a range of cosmetic eye surgeries.

3. London Ophthalmology Centre

Address: 18-22 Queen Anne St, London W1G 8HU

Phone: +44 20 7000 3193

Website: londonoc.co.uk

Email for contact: reception@londonoc.co.uk

Rating: 5.0/5.0 (based on 7 GMB reviews)

Doctify: 4.8/5.0 (based on 91 reviews)

Established: 2005

The LOC has performed over 40,000 procedures, and every part of their care is led by a consultant rather than juniors (non-consultant grades), opticians, or technicians. All consultants have Fellowships FRCOphth with the Royal College and hold consultant positions at NHS teaching hospitals. For as long as the clinic has been open, it has held a 0% infection rate.

The clinic’s special interests are glaucoma, complex vision problems, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, and macular degeneration. For diagnostics, the LOC uses high-definition scanners and retinal scans using OCT-A technology to produce 3D imagery.

The clinic is known for its wide range of lenses, including HD vision lens implants, Edof lenses, Sulcoflex MULTI focal lens implants, Blue Blocker IOL, and new PRISM lens implants.

4. OCL Vision London

Address: 55 New Cavendish St, London W1G 9TF

Phone: +44 20 3369 2020

Website: oclvision.com

Email for contact: info@oclvision.com

GMB: 5.0/5.0 (based on 218 reviews)

Trustpilot: 5.0/5.0 (based on 1,768 reviews)

Established: 2013

OCL Vision’s team has been fellowship-trained within the UK and at international centres, with a focus on the cornea, cataract, and refractive surgeries. The team has more than 100 years of combined eye surgery experience, has performed more than 45,000 eye surgeries, and has given more than 550 lectures nationally and internationally.

Dr. Ali Mearza, the senior director at OCL, specialises in Lasik eye surgery and is a senior consultant ophthalmic surgeon at London’s Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. Overall, there are 35 different procedures available at the clinic.

The surgeons at OCL use the latest technology, including Schwind Amaris 1050RS excimer laser, Schwind Peramis Wavefront scanner, Ziemer Z8 Femto LDV laser cataract surgery, and Optovue Optical Coherence tomography.

5. City Eyes Ophthalmic Opticians

Address: Suite 91, 65 London Wall, London EC2M 5TU

Phone: +44 20 7638 6192

Website: cityeyesopticians.com

Email for contact: reception@cityeyesopticians.com

GMB: 5.0/4.7 (based on 56 reviews)

Nicelocal: 4.8/5.0 (based on 53 reviews)

Established: 1989

City Eyes Ophthalmic Opticians were established by the independent specialist Charles Babumba, who trained at the Moorfields Eye Hospital in North London. He is the mind behind the 18+ Point Optical Health Examination, which is a much more comprehensive test than a regular eye check. The consultant looks at everything, from a patient’s health history, a personal review and lifestyle consultation to a detailed examination of the eyes.

Other than the examinations, the clinic doesn't specialise in any particular area. The most popular treatments at City Eyes are Ortho-K overnight corrective lenses and laser surgery. Patients can also get consultations in niche areas, like sports vision, special effect contact lenses, and eye care for the television, theatre, and film industries.

6. London Cataract Centre

Address: 29a Wimpole St, London W1G 8GP

Phone: +44 20 8138 8988

Website: londoncataractcentre.co.uk

Email for contact: info@londoncataractcentre.co.uk

Rating: 5.0/5.0 (based on 10 GMB reviews)

Established: 1993

The London Cataract Centre is a freestanding centre for exclusively treating cataract patients who do not require hospitalisation. It also has London’s only stand-alone ophthalmology surgical theatre. The centre has just six practising consultants but combined; they have performed over 40,000 procedures.

The practice is led by two NHS consultant surgeons, Samer Hamada MD (cataract, cornea, RLE, ICL, keratoconus) and Mohamed Elalfy MD (cataract, cornea, RLE, ICL, anterior segment).

So, the LCC specialises in only three procedures - day-case surgeries to remove cataracts, YAG laser capsulotomy, and ICL treatment. For this, the centre has partnered with leading ophthalmic technology companies, including Zeiss (for the Carl Zeiss Lumera microscope, a gold standard in the industry), Alcon, Novartis, Zeimer, and EVO.

7. Oculase - The Eye Clinic

Address: 42-48 New Kings Rd, London SW6 4LS

Phone: +44 330 128 1616

Website: oculase.com

Email for contact: info@oculase.com

Rating: 5.0/5.0 (based on 12 GMB reviews)

Established: 2004

The main specialities of the clinic are laser eye surgery, cataract surgery, refractive lens exchange, implantable contact lenses, and keratoconus treatment. These and other procedures are overseen by the founder Dr. Tariq Ayoub (FRCOphth, FRCS-G, FEBO, Cert-LRS, PG-CRS, MBBS, BSc). He is also the Lead for the Emergency Department at Western Eye Hospital, consulting on cataracts, vision correction, corneal disease, eyelid disorders, and trauma.

Oculase offers the latest keratoconus treatment that uses cross-linking, T-CAT, cornea rings, and corneal transplants. Aside from different forms of surgical procedures, the clinic also offers non-invasive treatment for conditions such as dry eyes syndrome, posterior capsule opacification, and presbyopia.

8. Optimal Vision Clinic

Address: 7 Gower Street, London WC1E 6HA

Phone: +44 118 981 0267

Website: optimalvision.co.uk

Email for contact: info@optimalvision.co.uk

GMB: 5.0/5.0 (based on 161 reviews)

Trustpilot: 4.8/5.0 (based on 35 reviews)

Established: 2015

Since its establishment, the OVC’s teams of surgeons have performed more than 50,000 ophthalmic procedures. The primary surgeon Dr. Amir Mani alone has done more than 20,000 procedures. Another notable fact about him is that he had a second fellowship training at a reputed Gimbel Eye Centre in Canada.

The clinic treats short-sightedness, long-sightedness, presbyopia, and astigmatism issues using a range of procedures (LASIK, LASEK, SMILE, and PRK). Beyond that, patients can also have 25 types of surgical and non-surgical treatments. Personalised treatment is achieved through a high ratio of staff to patients.

Compared to most clinics on this list, OVC has a relatively cost-effective price range and offers free consultations, a year of free post-operative care, and 0% credit.

9. The London Clinic

Address: 20 Devonshire Place, London W1G 6BW

Phone: +44 (0)20 4527 2396

Website: helondonclinic.co.uk

Email for contact: info@thelondonclinic.co.uk

Rating: 4.5/5.0 (based on 228 GMB reviews)

Established: 1932

The categories of procedures at The London Clinic are pretty standard - tests (+ scans and screenings), outpatient treatments, and video consultations. However, if you search for the term “eye,” the website will display 233 treatments for this query alone. The list includes endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy surgery, squint treatment, refractive lens exchange, and more. These and other procedures are provided to tens of thousands of patients every year.

If you are dealing with other health conditions, you can get help from any of several departments at the hospital (Digestive Health, Bone & Joint Services, Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery, etc.). Overall, the hospital has 900+ specialist consultants, 30+ clinical nurse specialists, and 20 years of experience in robotic surgery.

The London Clinic invests in the latest technologies and also operates as a charity.

10. Eye Clinic London

Address: 22 Wimpole St, London W1G 8GQ

Phone: +44 800 197 8808

Website: eyecliniclondon.com

Email for contact: reception@eyecliniclondon.com

GMB: 5.0/5.0 (based on 25 reviews)

Established: 2014

Eye Clinic London and the leading specialist Samer Hamada (MD, MSc, DO hons, FRCSEd, FRCOphth) have made cataracts, ICL, and vision correction their primary focuses. Patients can also receive consultation and treatment for less serious conditions, such as red eye, puffy eyes and eye circles, flashes and floaters, eyelash problems, and eyelash problems.

One of Hamada’s main missions in practice is to assure patients that common eye issues like dry, sore eyes from screen time or the loss of reading vision past the age of 40 are actually fixable. So, he takes on even complex cases that would’ve been turned away at quick-care clinics.

Other core members of the care team are Sami Habal (consultant ophthalmic and vitreoretinal surgeon) and Minita Shah (specialist optometrist).

11. My-iClinic

Address: 960 High Rd, London N12 9RY

Phone: +44 20 8445 8877

Website: my-iclinic.co.uk

Email for contact: enquiries@my-iclinic.co.uk

GMB: 5.0/5.0 (based on 411 reviews)

Established: 2012

The experts practising at My-iClinic are Bola Odufuwa-Bolger (specialising in Laser refractive surgery, glaucoma, cataract surgery, and paediatric ophthalmology), John Bolger (laser refractive surgery, glaucoma treatment, macular degeneration), and Silvana Madi (spectacle independence, dry eye management, cornea transplant, contact lens-related problems).

My-iClinic’s most-booked treatment is a bladeless alternative to LASIK and LASEK treatment - a keyhole laser eye surgery called ReLEx SMILE. It takes 25 seconds and carries a minimal risk of traumatic complications.

Unlike many centres, this one offers medical care for infants (1+ years old) and young children with vision problems. The consultants also have experience treating children who have autism, dyslexia, and other types of learning difficulties.

12. Eyes Defined

Address: King Edward VII's Hospital, 5-10 Beaumont St, London W1G 6AA

Phone: +44 20 7965 7484

Website: eyesdefined.com

Email for contact: info@eyesdefined.com

GMB: 5.0/5.0 (based on 13 reviews)

Established: 2019

Eyes Defined is led by Ahmad Aziz, specialising in the fields of oculoplastics, thyroid eye disease, paediatric nasolacrimal duct obstructions, and patient outcomes. He is also a member of the British Oculoplastic Society, the Royal Society of Medicine, and the Royal College of Surgeons.

The three most popular types of surgery performed at the clinic are eyelid surgery (to treat ptosis, entropion, ectropion, trichiasis, and eyelid chalazion), DCR operations to treat lacrimal, i.e., watery eye), and much like other centres on the list, cataract surgery.

It’s also worth noting that Eyes Defined prioritises its general ophthalmology services. It aims to treat seemingly minor conditions in time, such as red eyes, visual disturbance, and eye pain, as they can be starting points for vision loss.

13. Diopter Eye Clinic

Address: 112 Wandsworth Bridge Rd, London SW6 2TF

Phone: +44 20 7736 8721

Website: diopter.co

Email for contact: hello@diopter.co

GMB: 4.8/5.0 (based on 24 reviews)

Established: 2020

The founders are Tanvi Shah (MCOptom, ProfCertPaedEyeCare, ProfCertLV, ProfCertMedRet, ProfCertGlau) and Ashish Chokshi (MCOptom, PGCert, ProfCertMedRet). The idea for Diopter Eye Clinic came from a problem with eye examinations - Shah and Chokshi thought they were rushed, not thorough enough, and left no time for consultants to properly chat with patients and explain their findings.

Diopter Eye Clinic doesn’t perform surgeries or invasive procedures. Their speciality is eye health, contact lenses, and complex prescriptions. They also provide regular eye examinations for children from infancy. Children under the age of 5 will usually need two or more appointments for accurate results.

Originally, the clinic was owned by non-specialists, and the addition of Shah and Chokshi transformed the company into a medical practice.

14. Kersley Eye Clinic

Address: 42 Harley St, London W1G 9PR

Phone: +44 20 3855 5553

Website: kersleyeyeclinic.com

Email for contact: reception@kersleyeyeclinic.com

GMB: 4.7/5.0 (based on 12 reviews)

Established: 1980

Kersley Eye Clinic was originally established as a medical contact lens clinic. But over time, it introduced services for the prevention, diagnosis and management of a wide range of ophthalmic conditions.

The two key specialists on the board are Siobhan Wren (specialises in contact lenses, paediatric ophthalmology, adult strabismus, and botulinum toxin therapy) and Professor K. Sheng Lim (specialises in innovative glaucoma surgeries, such as SLT laser, laser iridotomy and iridoplasty, PreserFlo implant, iStent, Hydrus implant, EyeWatch implant etc.).

In the diagnosis of eye conditions, Kersley uses the latest Zeiss Optical coherence tomography, Optomaps, and Visionix L80 (a 4-in-1 device - refractometer, keratometer, topographer and aberrometer).

15. Clinica London Ltd.

Address: 140 Harley St, London W1G 7LB

Phone: +44 20 7935 7990

Website: clinicalondon.co.uk

Email for contact: contact@clinicalondon.co.uk

GMB: 4.6/5.0 (based on 20 reviews)

Established: 2010

Clinica London’s Medical Director is Jane Olver, an oculoplastic (eyelid) and lacrimal specialist. The rest of the eye treatment team includes six consultant ophthalmic surgeons, a paediatric ophthalmologist, and two orthoptists, all with slightly different specialisations.

The clinic has three main areas of focus - eyes, skin, and aesthetics. Medical services for the eyes include over 20 treatments for 25 conditions. To ensure a homely environment with hospitality, the team has a special set of instructions for treating patients with different anxieties and phobias. There is also a kids and teens corner, with Naz Raoof as a lead paediatric ophthalmologist and neuro-ophthalmologist.

Patients who would like to know more about their upcoming procedure can look up treatment explanations and graphs on the clinic’s website.

Bottom Line

Whether you’re looking for a routine eye exam, seeking treatment for a specific eye problem, or wishing to get corrective surgery, you deserve world-leading care. So, you should go for nothing less than the best eye clinics in London. Contact the ones that seem like the best fit and wait until after the consultation to make the final decision.

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