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An increasing number of people are considering private healthcare in the UK. There are numerous benefits to private care. For example, you can avoid long NHS waiting lists and access new treatments. Unfortunately, private health insurance only covers acute, curable conditions.

As a type of chronic condition, diabetes is not covered by medical insurance. This article explains what medical insurance options are available to diabetics.

Can Someone with Diabetes Get Medical Insurance?

Most people with diabetes or other chronic health conditions immediately dismiss medical insurance as an option. Furthermore, many brokers don’t offer insurance to diabetics in the first place. This is because the condition isn’t covered, and brokers don’t consider that the other conditions being covered will still bring in money.

All that being said, there are still affordable options out there for diabetics looking for health insurance. While people with diabetes won’t be able to cover their condition, they can still find health insurance covering a wide range of specialist treatments and care for other illnesses.

What Is Covered by Medical Insurance for People with Diabetes?

While medical insurance doesn’t cover diabetes and other chronic health conditions, you can still receive coverage for a wide variety of treatments through private health insurance.

Here are several services included in private health insurance:

  • In-patient and out-patient health care.
  • Cancer cover.
  • Dental healthcare cover.
  • Global travel health cover.

If you are a diabetic but would benefit from any of these services, then private health insurance may be worth considering, even if it doesn’t cover your diabetes. Health insurance policies are highly customisable, meaning you can adjust them to best suit you.

What types of diabetes do health insurance cover?

None of the three types of diabetes are covered by health insurance policies. That being said, most insurance plans do cover chronic condition ‘flare-ups,’ providing the condition was diagnosed after the start of your insurance. Once your condition has balanced out again, however, this cover will cease.

Corporate cash plans sometimes offer cover for the treatment of particular symptoms. Depending on the plan you choose, you will receive a different range of benefits. Some options include:

  • Dental treatment.
  • Optical treatment.
  • Physiotherapy.
  • Holistic therapies (e.g., reiki, naturopathy, etc.).

What Isn’t Covered by Medical Insurance for Diabetics?

Health insurance policies don’t include pre-existing conditions or chronic health problems. This means that diabetes, regardless of type, won’t be included under medical cover.

That being said, diabetes care is available through the NHS anyway. You will be treated by your GP, who will also monitor your progress.

How Much Does Medical Insurance Cost for Diabetics?

If you decide to get medical cover and are diabetic, you may wonder whether this will impact the cost of your policy. But don’t worry; there are still plenty of affordable options available to you that may well be suitable.

The cost of a policy differs depending on the services you decide to include, so it’s difficult to give a general price estimate. But if you’re worried that your policy will cost more than you can afford, you can consider a few options that will help to reduce the price:

  • No claims discounts.
  • Switch and save health plans.
  • Excess.
  • Health plan options.

How Can I Apply for Medical Insurance with Diabetes?

So, if you have diabetes but are interested in applying for medical insurance, how should you go about it? There are a couple of different methods available to you, both of which we’ll cover here. These options are full medical underwriting and moratorium underwriting.

Full medical underwriting

With full medical underwriting, you agree to inform your insurer of your whole medical history at the beginning of your relationship. In this case, you’ll be expected to provide information about your diabetes, as well as any other type of pre-existing condition, in your insurance application.

Full medical underwriting ensures that all previous and ongoing conditions are considered when your insurance plan is drawn up. This means that your monthly premium could be changed to reflect the conditions and treatments that won’t be covered by your insurance.

People with chronic conditions often choose this option since it allows them to know at the start of their plan what is covered and what isn’t.

Moratorium underwriting

Moratorium underwriting is the most common application method out of the two listed here. Unlike full medical underwriting, moratorium underwriting doesn’t require any medical information. This makes it a quick and simple option—and is no doubt the reason why it is so popular.

With moratorium underwriting, you simply choose the health insurance plan you’d like and the treatments and services you’d like to include within it. Once your insurance is active, you will only be required to give information about your medical history when you need to make a claim. Keep in mind, however, that any conditions you suffered before the plan’s activation will not be included.

Is Private Health Insurance for Diabetics Worth it?

Whether or not you decide to get private health insurance is ultimately up to you, but it can often prove worthwhile even if you have a chronic medical condition it does not cover, like diabetes. You will still benefit from the knowledge that you will be covered against acute illnesses, including cancer, which should offer you some peace of mind.

Some policies can also help you access treatment to help manage flare-ups and symptoms of your diabetes. This is something many diabetics would benefit from.

If you’d like assistance finding out which private health insurance plans are best for you, consider reaching out to Healthplan for help and support.

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